Yuzu x the Crave | The Yuzu pop-up restaurant returns during The Crave Festival Saturday June 1st! Book your table!

/// House rules

Our dishes are prepared with lots of attention, and they can’t be defined as starters or main courses. Mix and match, play around, find your flavor, don’t be afraid to try the unknown and most importantly, share and have fun.

The selection of cocktails we serve fit the restaurants dining experience. Sure, we can shake you some classics, but don’t even think of asking for a pornstar martini.

No cutlery allowed. Modern-Japanese style food is eaten with chopsticks. If you don’t know how to eat with chopsticks, take a look at this video, or of course: just eat with your hands.

We do love music. During the weekends we like to turn up the volume because, well… It’s the weekend!

We’ve been doing this for a long time and know what’s best. So, trust us and let us help you guide through the menu.

We always give you the best service, but sometimes we’re just really busy. Try to relax and wait until we have finished with other guests.

We’re all people. In case you display disrespectful behavior towards our staff, you will get thrown out immediately.

Please drink responsibly. Cut yourself off before acting like a fool.

At last don’t take us too serious!